Thursday, 3 January 2013

The river

The river
The beautiful  river
Flowing eastwards through my village
Still awaits for me …
When the bell of the temple
Situated on its bank rings
River cries for me
O! river
My dear river
You are my childhood mate
I spend hrs & hrs
On your sandy slopes
Looking at you
Hearing the music of silence…

Those trees of
Mango, Neem, Mahua
Plum, Wood apple and Black Plum
Still standing and waiting
With flowers & fruits
Since the time I left them
For my own selfishness…
The mother earth produces
Grains, pulses, vegetables & sugar canes
Waits for me
To come and enjoy
The gifts of the nature…..

The tracks and the streets
Are waiting to greet me
With soft clay
Where I played & played
Rode the cycle and fell
Umpteenth times…

Those fields of
Wheat, gramm, pea & mustered plants
Painted in the green and yellow
Waving their arms
For me to come back
Share their happiness, grief & sorrow
Share their experience
Of droughts & floods
To be with them
In summer and winter
All of them waiting
For me since I left them
And came to city
To earn my bread & butter…

I still remember you
My village
With all fondness and love
You are unforgettable
I miss you every day
Because you are the one
Who created me
Who molded me
In to what I  am today
I love you my village…
I love you too much …!

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